Saturday, May 10, 2008

Red Panax Ginseng with Royal Jelly

The third box of Royal Jelly with Ginseng contains, like the others, 30 vials of brown liquid and 30 plastic straws, lined up in rows of 10 within each box.
This box is bright red with accents of black and white and claims a 'Ren Shen Feng Wang Jiang' Blend.
It is more sporty than the last box.

The last box was green and gold with shadows of mountains and was made with 15 year old red ginseng roots. 4500 MG, extra strength.

This new box is only 2000 MG, though it is also--extra strength. The company that produces it is named "tai chi" and it's logo is a man--doing Tai Chi.
A problem with the new box is the vials within it are sealed with a hard gold seal and under that, a layer of a durable rubber type substance. Too durable for the plastic straw.

Upon further inspection and the implementation of a sharp knife, the straw is poked through the seal and the insides are drained.

The third problem with the 3rd box is that it tastes minty and clinical. Like dentist fingers and gas-x.

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