Saturday, July 19, 2008

S.E.A! High Volume

is the name will will henceforth be known as.

Simone Emily And
Simone Emily Agriculture
Simone Emily Abracadabra

We produced a video screening a couple of weeks ago at BLANKspace in williamsburg, callled it HOTBOX. We screened the video art of our friends, ourselves, and friends of our friends. Links to a few videos: simone pete molly

Our next project takes place in Berlin. The SEA is everywhere. It deserves a whole new post.


Wednesday, May 28, 2008

O Naturale: The aftermath

O Naturale was a success. Thanks to all who came, drank Master Cleanse with vodka and watched marshmallows being pushed through a wall at the rate babies are born.

Here are photos of the event, upload your own if ya got 'em



Monday, May 12, 2008

++ Body Double ++

Change your body! Change your life!

'In Christian Europe, Incarnation is a fundamental concept, and Christ is its perfect symbol. According to this notion, man was created in the image of God, and the body, an imitation, becomes the sign and instrument of this relationship with the divine. But in the modern world, with the advent of plastic surgery; transcendence can be bought and the plastic surgeon plays the role of God, the creator. Various rituals, including breast augmentation and chemical peels, enable us to become ideal representations of the beatific.

Body Double is a video about a dream I had in my bedroom at Flux Factory. In this dream, my body was an ideal canvas for individual creativity and self-reinvention. A way to challenge social values and cultural assumptions about beauty and identity. The opportunity to cross boundaries of gender, national identity, and cultural stereotypes. My body was where confrontation is expressed: male/female, living/non-living, human/mechanical because…I was 'Baywatch' Superstar Pamela Anderson!

Now, thanks to Body Double, everyone will have the opportunity to actualize their perfect self through a revolutionary process of reinvention. But don't expect it to be easy. Looking this good will take a lot of work and a little faith!'

Video part of O Naturale.

Produced by Ethan Weinstock and François Leloup-Collet



The show is now May 22nd instead of May 21st. All other details remain the same--
The Management


Saturday, May 10, 2008

Red Panax Ginseng with Royal Jelly

The third box of Royal Jelly with Ginseng contains, like the others, 30 vials of brown liquid and 30 plastic straws, lined up in rows of 10 within each box.
This box is bright red with accents of black and white and claims a 'Ren Shen Feng Wang Jiang' Blend.
It is more sporty than the last box.

The last box was green and gold with shadows of mountains and was made with 15 year old red ginseng roots. 4500 MG, extra strength.

This new box is only 2000 MG, though it is also--extra strength. The company that produces it is named "tai chi" and it's logo is a man--doing Tai Chi.
A problem with the new box is the vials within it are sealed with a hard gold seal and under that, a layer of a durable rubber type substance. Too durable for the plastic straw.

Upon further inspection and the implementation of a sharp knife, the straw is poked through the seal and the insides are drained.

The third problem with the 3rd box is that it tastes minty and clinical. Like dentist fingers and gas-x.


Friday, May 9, 2008

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Obama is O Naturale

people want improvement in their lives.

herbal supplements, egalitarian politics. landscape paintings. facial masques. group therapy. GPS. Obama. acai smoothies. critical theory. feminism.

forget about it.


Monday, April 28, 2008

O Naturale: May 22nd

Emily and I are putting together an art show as a sort of extension of concepts that we've been working on and trends we've noticed in art and in.. the world. The opening will be May 21st at 400 Morgan Ave, and it will be up for 1 week.

So far artists include:

Sam Bornstein
Tubby Carroll
Patrick Doyle
Tyler Drosdeck
Celeste Dupuy-Spencer
Simone Frazier
Molly Gochman
Henry Gwazda
Brendan Harman
Clara Hess
Kim Holleman
Owen Hutchinson
Zak Kitnick
Josh Kline
Merissa Lombardo
François Leloup-Collet
Matt Lucas
Mollie Mckinley
Keith Pavia
Noah Sparkes
Emily Steinfeld
Ava Warbrick
Revel Woodard

The text below deals with some curatorial thoughts based on conversations about the show. Feel free to add yours.


O Naturale

In the near future, the experts say we're going to have to return to an economic model based on local suppliers. Rising fuel prices and the end of cheap overseas labor will force us to grow our own food and make our own shoes, the way they did in the Middle Ages. Abstractly, this has been a fetish of the hipper bourgeoisie for some years. Organic local produce, local artisanal honey, stretch pants made in downtown LA, etc. What's going to happen when this is no longer a pricier option, but the only option? Will it be a Bobo's dream come true, or some sort of weird New Feudalism?

The existing landscape is marked by irreverence brought on by a couple hundred years of mass production and the spread of globalism. Perhaps these things have kept us from seeing the broken washing machine in our own backyards. As a culture we've gotten a little farsighted; the immediate surroundings are out of focus as we order our groceries on the internet and send emails from our cellphones. On the other hand, the internet has given way to a new mode of communication that fosters the sort of independent spirit necessary for vertically integrated local production.

Fascism taught us the danger of obsessive-compulsive control. The hippies taught us the danger of loosey-goosey, orgiastic free association. What are we going to do now? Choose our battles wisely. Feel it out. Some of the detritus of the soon-to-be past will make excellent fertilizer for the homegrown vegetables of the future, some of it will kill you.